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The Problem With Multi-Channel Funnels

We’ve been playing around with multi-channel funnels for quite some time now and, whilst we love it in the main, it does have one massive issue that you need to be aware of…

Are You Doing Your Negative Keyword Research?

Negative keywords are almost as important as normal keywords. If you’re serious about weeding out the best quality traffic, you’ll need negative keywords.

When we create new campaigns for our clients, we probably spend more time researching negative keywords than we do researching the main keyword list. Long-tail theory dictates that your highest-ROI traffic will come from niche, low-volume, high-quality searches – often 3 or 4 word searches.

Google Adwords: Why Isn’t My Ad Showing?

As an Adwords Management agency, a question we sometimes get asked by clients is ‘why isn’t my ad showing?’ There are plenty of good reasons why this might happen and its important to know what they are so you can rule them out.

How To Optimise Low Conversion Number Campaigns

One of the hardest types of campaign to optimise is one that produces very few online sales or signups… but they can be tracked if you know how.

Average Time On Site: Why You Should Ignore It

One of the most intriguing metrics available in Google Analytics is ‘Average Time On Site’. At first, it seems like the most understanble metric out of the three main ‘engagement’ metrics of bounce rate, average pages per visit and average time on site.
However, when you learn how it’s calculated, you soon see that it is completely meaningless.

Adwords Management: 5 Essential Google Analytics Goals

As an Adwords Management agency, we always follow a few basic but essential procedures when taking on a new client. One of these is the setting up of Google Analytics goals, which provide critical indicators of source, keyword, ad and campaign success.

How To Advertise On Trademarks With Adwords

The Adwords trademark rules have recently become slightly less strict than they were before… but you’ll need to know a few things to take advantage..

Broad Match Session Based Search Queries – Beware!

Broad match session-based queries are a a controversial addition to the Adwords platform and could cost you money if you don’t deal with them appropriately.

Broad match session-based queries are a a controversial addition to the Adwords platform and could cost you money if you don’t deal with them appropriately.

How Multi-Channel Funnels Can Make You Money

Google Analytics Multi-Channel Funnels really are a game changer – finally the level of detail we’ve all be craving and blogging about for years. Having read a fair few blogs about this topic recently, it’s clear we’re all very excited but it also appears that not many people have much of a clue of how to use this new goldmine of data.

So you can see ‘assists’, you can see path length, you can see channel overlapping – that’s really cool – but how about we actually use these features to make some money? The blog content on this seems to be a bit thin so we thought we’d put this right with 4 key pointers…

6 Questions To Ask Before You Start A PPC Campaign

Following on from our post on how to tell if PPC will work for you without spending anything, we thought we’d take it one step further and delve into the key factors that determine whether a PPC campaign is going to be successful.

As an Adwords Management agency, we can usually tell if a campaign is going to sink or swim without even looking at the figures (well, not many!). It’s really just…

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