Adwords PPC Case Study: Bombay Duck

Bombay Duck is one of the fastest growing names in online retail, offering a wide range of accessories for fashionable women and the home.

In early 2010, Bombay Duck recognised a large opportunity to develop the B2C side of their business through online marketing. At this stage, Pay-Per-Click and the world of Adwords was an unknown quantity – worth trying but nobody could really predict what difference it would make to the bottom line.

Since then, it has become a core part of Bombay Duck’s marketing strategy, delivering a strong return on investment whilst rapidly building the customer database.

Here’s what they had to say:

The Free Trial

We benefitted from a free trial in April 2010. During this productive month, a handful of product areas were chosen for this ‘toes in the water’ exercise. Managed PPC were really helpful here and their experience in online marketing really showed.

Speculating just a few hundred pounds on Adwords clicks, the team at Managed PPC ensured that a sensible, measured approach was taken and squeezed this limited trial budget very effectively to produce a profitable result.

Understanding Our Company

The guys at Managed PPC were great – they really took the time to understand our brand and then used this understanding to write great ads that targeted our desired audience perfectly. Working with the guys at Managed PPC has never really felt like working with a supplier – it’s more like having someone in-house working with you remotely.

Campaign Optimisation

The free trial produced a small profit from a small investment but it was very clear that this avenue was well worth pursuing.

One of the things we really like about working with Managed PPC is their honesty and business model, which tie together neatly. Their flat-rate approach means they can advise on what we should do without prejudice and this strategic contribution has been very helpful in prioritising which areas we should focus on first.

Fast Growth And A Personal Service

In the past year we’ve grown massively as a company and a large part of this is down to Adwords and the great work done by Managed PPC. The results have been fantastic and they’ve held our hand every step of the way so we never really felt there was any risk associated with what has ended up being a significant investment of time and money. I suppose that’s because all that investment has come back several times over in a very accountable way.

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